Donor Advised Funds

Teaching Generosity Through Generations

Many lessons in life are passed along from generation to generation. Have you ever thought of generosity as being one of those? FVL and our students have benefited from families who have established Donor Advised Funds to bless others and to teach important lessons about generosity in their own family.

Establishing a Donor Advised Fund is one way to impact the ministries close to you. It gives you an opportunity to share with your loved ones the reasons you are so passionate about that ministry. Families can be blessed as they share impactful conversations year after year and have a voice in how their funds are used to bless others.

A Donor Advised Fund works like a charitable checking account. You make an initial contribution into your Donor Advised Fund account and immediately qualify for an income tax deduction. You also then have the ability to recommend grants from the fund to charities. It can be as easy as . . .

Interested in or need more info on Donor Advised Funds or other gifting tools?

Be sure to consult your financial and/or tax advisor with specific questions. For assistance with planned giving or other ways to support Fox Valley Lutheran High School, please contact FVL Mission Advancement Director Jay Wendland at

How a Donor Advised Fund Works

  1. Donate & Receive an Immediate Tax Deduction A contribution to a Donor Advised Fund is an irrevocable commitment to charity. Its sole purpose is grant-making to designated ministries/charities. Families can donate cash, stocks or non-publicly traded assets such as private business interests, and private company stock. Often these are done through foundations who will help manage the assets. Such donations are eligible for an immediate tax deduction.
  2. Grow Your Donor Advised Fund While deciding on ministries or charities to support, donations can continue to grow. A variety of investment options are available. Also, the family can make additional contributions that allow their ministry gifts to be even more impactful.
  3. See & Enjoy the Impact Through Donor Advised Funds, your gift not only supports the ministries or charities dear to you, they also give you the chance to see the impact of your gifts. You’ll be able to see how a grant from your Donor Advised Fund will impact ministry. Often, families sit down together to make their annual grant selections. This can spark great conversations about ministry and pass along the lesson of generosity to children and grandchildren.

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