this Thanksgiving

The year 2020 has been unpredictable and challenging. It has led to unprecedented changes in people’s lives. As 2020 began, the boast was this would be the year to see everything more clearly.

That may be true . . . depending on your perspective.

At Fox Valley Lutheran High School, one November tradition is celebrating the holiday with a special Thanksgiving chapel service. The familiar words of Now Thank We All Our God are sung in chapel along with a focus on the many Bible passages that encourage us to give thanks to the Lord for his mercy, grace, and love . . . even in times of trouble.

Scripture reminds us all that while our world may have been turned upside down by a pandemic, there is much to be thankful for . . .

  • the freedoms we enjoy in America
  • faithful, dedicated essential workers willing to serve for the greater good
  • modern technology and medicine to cope with isolation and suffering
  • schools working hard to educate children in person or virtually
  • a renewed focus on the value of family life
  • a clearer vision of the needs of those around us
  • an emphasis on coming together to be a blessing to others

Truly, blessings can be seen all around us. As a Christian school, these difficult days take us back to our foundational beliefs. God is in control. God is our hope in times of trouble. God will work everything out in his time and his way. These are the truths we believe and share with our students and families as we navigate today’s challenges. God has blessed our school with the opportunity to offer face-to-face instruction for families who believe that is best for their students. We have also been blessed to hold school virtually for families from the Fox Valley and the world who feel this is the best option. In it all, we strive to give glory to His name and share the saving message of our loving Savior Jesus.

Join us in making November

a time to say thanks!

Jeffrey J. Loberger - FVL President

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