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From the 1940’s . . .

Did you know that the FVL BEACON began publication in the late 1940’s—even before there was an FVL school? Yes, the first issue did not even have a name on the masthead. The title BEACON was suggested as one of the choices in a write-in selection process. At the time of its first printing, a grand total of $56 was in the coffers to start the “new” high school.

to the 2000's . . .

In contrast, the Legacy Magazine is much newer in the scene. It began as FVL’s alumni newsletter when the Alumni Alive group was being established in 1990. Later, through the leadership of Mission Advancement Director Robert Fischer and the Communications Department, it morphed into a full-color magazine format that has remained popular since its first issue was mailed in February 2010.

Changing Needs

It is interesting to look back and see how communication needs have changed over the years. Distribution methods, frequency of publication, size, length have all changed depending on the perceived needs of the different audiences.

One of those major changes is coming to your favorite FVL publications this year. It is no secret that more and more people are getting their information digitally these days because of the convenience of the smartphones, tablets, and computers they use. At the same time, many also still prefer to have a print copy in their hands for reading purposes.

The need to make the move to offer a better digital publishing platform became apparent during the COVID shutdowns last spring. FVL’s usual methods of sharing print news were not possible.

Exciting New Platform

Investigating options to help share FVL news more efficiently, our Communications staff made a move to contract with Foleon, a world leader in digital communication. We believe that moving to this digital publishing platform will ultimately better serve the FVL family by offering easier readability and access from phones, tablets, desktops, while saving the school money on print costs.

The challenge, of course, will be in working out the details for those who prefer print copies versus those who are willing to get their info online.

Online or Print Subscription

So . . . beginning this November, many FVL publications—the Legacy (available via mail or online), the BEACON (available via Federation Congregation or online), and the President’s Report (only available online)—are being introduced digitally. You can help us by letting us know your preferences. The easiest way for that to happen is by subscribing to our publications. Please go to to find the form, or use your smartphone to scan the QR code.

For our friends who prefer digital options, supplying the FVL Mission Advancement Office with email addresses and alerting them to changes of mailing and email address will be more important than ever. Our goal is to better serve our friends and supporters. Please help us as we work through this process.

—Dave Payne Communications Director

"Back to School" published in August

Our new platform has already been used for two publications this year! They are formatted to be easily read on any size screen.

See them at, and watch that page for links to our new virtual publications!

Published for the

September Giving Day event

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